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Interview Practice. We'd be happy to invite you to an interview.

Worried about an upcoming interview or just hate talking about yourself? Practice!

Here's what you will get with HeadSetGo's Interview Practice service:

  • A 45 minute interview simulation session
  • An opportunity to answer common job interview questions
  • Critical performance feedback and suggestions on how to improve
  • Tailored interview advice
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All this for just £35.99!
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How it works. We'll whip you into perfect interview shape.

Step 1: An initial chat

We'll have a chat over the phone, Skype, or email and find out what you're hoping to gain from the service.

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It's nothing too intensive, we just want to know if you have a specific job in mind that you're preparing for.

Step 2: The Session

This is the fun bit! After we've carried out our research into the job/field of your choosing its time for the interview.

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The session will take place over Skype or over the phone and will be as 'real' as we can make it. So don't forget to suit up!

Step 3: Receive your analysis

With the interview successfully completed, we'll review your performance and construct some feedback for you to work on.

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This will be sent over to you within 48 hours of the interview taking place.