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HeadSetMentor.Receive recurring guidance throughout your career development process.

Finding a new job can be daunting, but there's no need to go it alone.

Here's what you will get with HeadSetGo's HeadSetMentor service:

  • Regular career consultancy sessions and progress reviews
  • Advice from a friendly and knowledgable HeadSetMentor
  • A 5% discount on any further services
  • Regular target-setting sessions with a free HeadSetRoadmap
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All this from just £59.99!
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How it works.We provide the advice, you control the delivery.

Step 1: An initial chat

We'll have a chat over the phone, Skype, or email and find out what you're hoping to gain from the service.

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It's nothing too intensive, we just want to know your goals and what you're currently up to.

Step 2: The service plan

Based on the information you gave us in Step 1, we'll concoct your very own HeadSetRoadmap.

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Your 'Roadmap will be supplemented with a service delivery plan outlining where we go from here in terms of session logistics (the 'whens', 'whats', and 'hows').

Step 3: Regular HeadSetMentor sessions

With the planning done, you'll embark on your job application journey, accompanied by your 'Mentor.

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You'll be in constant communication with your 'Mentor however you see fit (over Skype, phone calls or email).