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Contact-a-Company.Let us do the talking.

Applying for a job or identified a potential employer? Send us in.

Here's what you will get with HeadSetGo's Contact-a-Company service:

  • The ability to communicate with a potential employer, completely anonymously.
  • Anonymous requests for special interview requirements on your behalf
  • Ask the tough questions without it impacting on your job prospects
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Prices start as low as £0 (yes, free!)
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How it works. Point us in the right direction and we'll get chatting.

Step 1: Tell us who & what

Let us know as much as possible about the company you want to contact.

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We'll also need to know what is you want to ask or say to the company.

Step 2: We give them a call

Once we know who it is you want us to talk to, we'll do our best to contact them.

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Assuming they check their emails or have a phone number, we will convey your message professionally and anonymously.

Step 3: We'll pass on their response

Assuming we've gotten through to the company, we will let you know what they say.

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We can then advise you on what to do next and how to act on their response.