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HeadSetGo might just be your new favourite online careers service and we're pleased to meet you!

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Our mission is to provide you with the confidence you need to push onwards towards your career goals.

HeadSetWhat?What does HeadSetGo do and believe in?

HeadSetGo is your online career service.

Here are just a few of our values and ambitions:

  • Everything we do is geared around giving you confidence, whether that be for getting back into work or taking the next step on your career path
  • HeadSetGo has been built brick-by-virtual-brick with Mental Health and wellbeing in mind (pun intended)
  • We’re passionate about helping everyone achieve their career goals
  • With a HeadSetGo service you are guaranteed a tailored experience, after all we can’t do our jobs without getting to know you!
  • We are always trying to innovate, develop new services and be the best we can
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Frequently Asked Questions....and their corresponding answers.

Q: HeadSetGo’s prices are cheaper compared to a lot of competitors’, why is that?
A: We think quality, tailored Career Advice should be affordable so we’ve made our service delivery as efficient and cost-effective as possible; this means cheaper prices for our customers and a smoother experience when providing our services!
Q: Does HeadSetGo store personal data?
A: We store only the essentials, for more information please read out our Privacy Policy.
Q: What is a career coach and do I really need one?
A: In short, a career coach or counsellor is a source of career-related knowledge and is experienced in the ways of applying for jobs and transforming or rejuvenating stagnant careers.
Q: Where exactly is HeadSetGo based?
A: Operating online allows HeadSetGo to serve customers all over the UK and have no physical offices, so technically we are located everywhere! We do exist in the physical realm, though, so you might see us about in the city of Worcester.
Q: Does HeadSetGo do face-to-face consultations? (i.e. meeting in person)
A: Typically no, we’re extremely proud of our online delivery methods and believe operating online allows us to help a larger number of people. That being said, we’re open to discussing face-to-face meetings so if you’re a real technophobe or just really like handshakes, get in touch we’ll see what can be done.

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